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    Is Your Stone Floor or Countertop Ready for Restoration?

    If you’re currently doing your research, it’s likely that you’re unsure whether your stone surface is ready and/or qualifies for a repair at its current state. If you happened to stumble across this article, you’re in luck.
    In this article, our team of Bethesda homeowners and stone restoration experts will give you a few signs to help identify when your stone surface needs to be restored.

    Sign 1: Dull Spots and Etched Marks.

    Whether you decided to use an unfriendly cleaner, spilled wine on your counter or floor, or even water, dull spots and etched marks will appear easily and stick out on stone surfaces. 
    Dull spots tend to stand out easily and make it difficult to compete in the D.C. area, where upscale living and home renovations are the standard. If you have dull spots on your stone surface that stick out like a sore thumb, contact our team today for a consultation.

    Sign 2: Severe Cracking on Tables and Counters.

    Aside from losing the function of your table or counter, severe cracking can pose serious safety issues. The last thing you would want to do is have a large piece of stone crack and fall on somebody’s foot. 
    However, don’t stress about this as it can easily be fixed by a qualified professional. If you see severe cracking on a stone table slab, contact a local stone restoration specialist immediately. 
    Our team has our own shop in Maryland and will transport the stone to and from anywhere within the D.C. area, as well as repair it for you. 

    Sign 3: Scratches and Scuffs.

    If you’re seeing a high volume of scratches and scuffs when the light hits your floor or counter, it may very well be time for a restoration.
    Restoring the finish and sheen to your stone surfaces will not only make the surfaces themselves look better, but it will also light up your home and add value to it. In today’s D.C. residential real estate market, value add through remodel and restoration is essential to defeat high interest rates. 
    Overall, if you’re a homeowner one or more of the above cases will eventually catch up to you. In turn, you’ll have to restore your stone surfaces to remediate the issue. If you find yourself missing the beauty your stone surfaces once held, contact a stone repair specialist today. 

    Contact us for a free estimate 

    Call or Text: (301) 512-5777



    To purchase the high quality stone care products that our team recommends and uses everyday, visit www.mbstonecare.com and use promo code “capitolstone10” to receive a 10% discount at checkout.

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    Stone Surface Maintenance: 3 Tips for Busy D.C. Homeowners

    If you’ve ever seen a beautiful home renovation, especially in luxurious areas like Great Falls, McLean, Potomac, Chevy Chase, or Bethesda, they all tend to have a few things in common. Among these things, the two that standout the most are beautiful stone floors and kitchen countertops. If you’re a busy D.C. area professional that’s worked hard to earn a luxurious living space and commonly has guests over, it’s likely that you care about the appearance of your home – who would blame you for that? 

    Like all great and heavily used things, stone countertops and floors in beautiful home renovations and constructions take impact and will quickly show wear and tear. Before we dive into this article, if your formerly beautiful stone floors and countertops are already damaged and that’s why you’re here, go ahead contact our expert Bethesda team today for assistance. Once your stone surface is restored, this article will serve you with a few tips to make our work last.
    Whether you’re planning to restore a damaged stone surface or already have, our team of experts has assembled the following maintenance tips to ensure your beautiful stone surfaces stay shining. 

    Tip 1: Avoid using common cleaners on the stone.

    Whether your stone countertop is granite, marble, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, or any other type of stone, using common household cleaners on your stone surface is never the right move. While the cleaner may remove the mess, it will damage the polish and sealant on the stone, leaving an ugly dull mark on the surface of your floor or counter.
    You should instead use a drop of neutral pH dish soap on a microfiber cloth with some water to ensure that your countertop does not lose its sheen. Dish soap is very gentle and safe to use for cleaning countertops.

    Tip 2: Avoid direct contact with pans, knives, appliances, and rough objects.

    While it may be convenient to cut things on paper plates, put pans on your countertop, and leave your appliances directly on the stone, these practices can quickly lead to damage.
    You should avoid this by always using cutting boards that are soft on your counter, placing rubber mats under appliances when possible, and always keeping pans off the surface of your countertop. While these practices may be tedious, they will go a long way in preventing damage to your stone countertop overtime.

    Tip 3: Ask guests to remove shoes and prepare when moving furniture items over stone floors.

    If you have a shiny stone floor in the entryway of your home, we highly advise having guests remove their shoes when possible.
    In addition, moving furniture items through the area place your stone floor at the risk of damage. When possible, use alternative entryways to move furniture throughout the home or ask your preferred moving company of choice to use floor coverings. If you’re moving furniture within our service area of D.C., Montgomery County, or Virginia, we strongly recommend MoCo Moving because they always use floor coverings and are local to North Bethesda, Maryland.

    By implementing these safety precautions and practices into the maintenance routine for your home, you can preserve the life of your brand new or freshly restored stone countertops and floors.

    Are you preparing to restore your damaged or aged stone countertops and floors?

    Our team is the trusted choice of busy DMV area professionals for stone floor and countertop restoration of marble, granite, quartz, terrazzo, limestone, and more!

    Contact us today for a free estimate.

    Call or Text: (301) 512-5777



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    Aged & Damaged Stone Floors: Commonly encountered Flaws

    When Capitol Stone Care was contacted to assist with the floor at 2301 Cathedral Ave NW, the floor in the lobby of the apartment building was dull, scratched, and scuffed. Given that it’s an apartment building and the lobby takes a high volume of foot traffic, this was no surprise to our team.

    Despite having a special loading dock and route for furniture and items to take in the building, human activity had worn the floor down in this picturesque lobby. In turn, Capitol Stone Care was called in to professionally restore the shine to this floor.

    High foot traffic stone floors in lobbies, shopping malls, stores, government buildings, and public areas will experience repeated impact from foot traffic and various items. In turn, this high level of impact results in damage over time.

    For this reason, the poor condition of the floor in the lobby at 2301 Cathedral Ave NW wasn’t a unique issue. If your building or business’ stone floor is damaged, you aren’t alone either. It’s very common and will occur in any high foot traffic area over time! In our experience, here are three of the most common flaws seen with aged and damaged stone floors in busy lobbies and how we fix them.

    Flaw 1: Dull floors.

    Over time, stone floors tend to lose their natural glossy coat. As a result, they won’t really shine or sparkle like they once did. A healthy stone floor should sparkle and shine without any dull patches and cast a beautiful reflection.

    At Capitol Stone Care, our team solves this issue by using top quality polish and sealant. After receiving treatment from our team, your floor will sparkle like it did when first installed. 

    Flaw 2: Scratches.

    Scratches on stone floors are inevitable as time goes on. Whether it be shoes, dog/pet paws, or something being moved through the lobby, floors will always take impact and damage, leaving scuffs and scratches.

    Not only do these scratches look poor aesthetically, but they also contribute to a loss of the original sheen in your floor. At Capitol Stone Care, our team is able to fix this issue through our expert honing process, where we smooth the scratches out of your floor using top quality, high grit diamond pads.

    Flaw 3: Dents, chips and cracks.

    Another common and seemingly more frightening issue is chips and cracks within your stone floor. This will commonly occur on the ends of stairs due to furniture being moved and furniture dollies being used. Unfortunately, chips and cracks in your floor can be a serious eye sore. Luckily, Capitol Stone Care offers an additional epoxy repair service to fill and correct any chips and cracks in your floor. 

    All in all, these are some commonly encountered flaws in aged and damaged stone floors. Although commonly encountered, each flaw has a specific solution and can be remediated by a qualified professional. 

    Do you have an aged or damaged stone floor in a high foot traffic area?

    Don’t worry, it can still be restored! Whether your floor is travertine, marble, terrazzo, or another type of stone, our expert team is more than glad to help.

    Contact us for a free estimate.

    Call or Text: (301) 512-5777



    To purchase the high quality stone care products that our team recommends and uses everyday, visit www.mbstonecare.com (link in bio) and use promo code “capitolstonecare10” to receive a 10% discount at checkout.

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    Restoring a Marble Countertop: Capitol Stone Care’s Expert Process

    Overtime, any beautiful countertop will take heavy wear and see a decline in beauty and condition. Whether you’re cooking on your countertop, eating on it, or just using it to store an old stack of paper or some supplies, you’re going to end up with scratches, cup rings, stains, and a loss of the sheen your counter had when originally installed. On occasion, you may even have an appliance scratch or scuff your countertop directly and cause damage that can be frustrating to deal with. 

    Regardless of your situation, our team is glad to help restore your countertop and save you from spending money on disposal costs, buying a new countertop, and installation costs, which can add up to thousands of dollars combined. Today we will break down our high quality process to ensure your countertop looks as good as new when our team of experts is done. Here are the 4 precise steps our team follows to restore a marble countertop:

    1. Preparation

    Our team values protecting your home throughout the renovation process above all else. The preparation process includes protecting all floors, rooms, walls, and furniture around the working area with plastic secured by painters tape. 

    We will work to comprehensively cover the area and never rush this step in the process, as it will be essential to preventing any damage from occurring.

    1. Honing

    Once the work area is fully protected, our team will begin honing the counter with our state of the art handheld machines to ensure a smooth, even finish. Once we have completed the Honing process for the general surface, we use a special pad and attachment to hone all of the tighter, smaller areas that our larger tool may have missed. 

    This attention to detail on behalf of our crew is what sets Capitol Stone Care apart. Even where it may be easy to cut corners, our team refuses to do so and promises to deliver beauty back to every corner of your counter. 

    This step of the process will remove any etch marks, scratches, and stains, setting the surface up for polishing.

    1. Polishing

    The marble is then polished using our signature process, which involves honing and polishing your countertop. At the end of our polishing process, your marble countertop is going to have its fresh original sheen again. 

    Once the countertop has been polished, it’s ready for a fresh seal to close out the process and preserve its newly restored beauty. 

    1. Sealing

    The final step of the process is adding our signature seal to your countertop. This seal will add an extra layer of protection and preserve the fresh sheen on your marble countertop, keeping it smooth as long as possible.

    When working with damaged marble, this process never fails our team in restoring the classic feel to old countertops.

    Are you getting ready to repair a damaged or used countertop? Whether your countertop is travertine, limestone, marble, granite, terrazzo, or another type of stone, we have the experience to fix it all. Save yourself the money and avoid replacing your favorite counter by investing in a high quality restoration!

    Our crew offers full service polishing, repair, and refinishing all throughout the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area on any type of stone surface needed. 

    We proudly service homeowners, businesses, and government entities with a 100% satisfaction rate on google.

    Are you looking for stone countertop or floor repair?

    Contact us for a free estimate today.

    (301) 512-5777


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    Restoring a Travertine Floor: The Capital Stone Care Process

    When refinishing an aged travertine floor, our team commonly notices similar flaws that need to be addressed. Many of these flaws come directly from age, such as damaged grout, a worn down finish, and small “holes” or dents in the floor that create the illusion of craters in the tile. Occasionally, we see more directly caused instances of damage, such as large cracks, scratches, or holes in the floor caused by heavy furniture being moved through the house. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry! Our team has the experience and knowledge to bring your favorite Travertine Floor back to life. With enough time and foot traffic, any floor will become dull, scratched, and dirty.

    These are the 4 precise steps our team follows to restore a Travertine floor:

    1. Protection

    Our team values protecting your home throughout the renovation process above all else. The preparation process includes protecting all rooms, walls, and furniture around the working area with plastic secured by painters tape. During this stage, any furniture on your floor will be moved as well by our crew if included within your contract.

    1. Honing 

    Once the work area is fully protected, our crew will begin honing the area with our top of the line floor machines and solution. Once the Honing process is complete, the small “holes” or dents discussed in the opening paragraph of this article will be further exposed in the travertine. To fill these holes, our team uses a high level of care and attention to detail, grouting every dent in your floor with a squeegee to ensure a smooth application and finish. We then allow the grout to cure overnight and hone the floor again with state of the art high grit diamond pads and water to achieve a seamless, level surface. This is one of the most important steps in the process for getting rid of the physical damage in your floor itself, while the natural shine will be restored in the next step.

    If you choose to upgrade to our seamless floor service, our team will also fully remove and replace the epoxy grouting between your tiles during this part of the process. Once the grouting is cured, we will then hone the grouting and floor down to a smooth and even level, leaving you with a beautiful seamless finish.

    1. Polishing

    The travertine is then polished using our special three step D.I.P. process, which involves honing and polishing your floor. At the end of the polishing process, your travertine floor is going to be shining and almost back to its original form. The floor is now ready for a fresh seal to close out the process. 

    1. Sealing

    The final step of the process is adding our fresh, signature seal to your floor. This seal will add an extra layer of protection and the final shine on your Travertine surface, restoring it back to the way it was as new. 

    Getting ready to repair a stone floor, countertop, or surface? Whether your surface is Travertine, Limestone, Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, or another type of stone, we have the experience to fix it.

    Our crew offers full service polishing, repair, and refinishing all throughout the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area on any type of stone needed. We proudly service homeowners, businesses, and public entities with a 100% satisfaction rate on google.

    Contact us for a free estimate today!

    Call or Text: (301) 512-5777


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    Revitalizing Elegance: Unveiling Capitol Stone Care’s Expert Granite Restoration and Repair Process

    At Capitol Stone Care, we understand the enduring allure of granite countertops – their timeless beauty and durability that make them a staple in many households. However, even the sturdiest surfaces can experience wear and tear over time. That’s where our expertise in granite repair comes in, ensuring your countertops regain their pristine appearance.

    Our team of expert technicians supervised and trained by our company owner, David, follow an expert process to ensure a high quality end product. Today’s article outlines our restoration and repair process for granite countertops.

    Step 1: Meticulous Assessment

    Our granite restoration and repair process begins with a meticulous assessment of your countertop. Our skilled technicians identify any chips, cracks, or scratches that may have marred the once flawless surface.

    Every assessment is conducted by our founder and owner, David, an industry expert.

    Step 2: Thorough Cleaning and Caulking

    A clean canvas is crucial for effective repairs. Before any restoration or repair work begins, we thoroughly clean the damaged area, removing debris, dirt, and residues to create an ideal surface for repair.

    Once the cleaning is complete, our team will replace any moldy or damaged caulking that gets worn out over time. Moldy caulking is typically discovered by our team in backsplash corners and around the sink in your kitchen. 

    Throughout this process, Capitol Stone Care takes every step necessary to prepare the surface and protect your property. Attention to detail is something our team does not take lightly.

    Step 3: Precision Color Matching

    For seamless results, we prioritize precise color matching. Our experts select epoxy resin or fillers that harmonize with the existing granite, ensuring that the repaired area blends seamlessly with the surrounding surface.

    We take pride in creating a beautiful end product and will determine a solution that best fits your needs. 

    Step 4: Expert Chip and Crack Repair

    Small chips are addressed with the application of clear or color-matched epoxy resin, skillfully leveled to match the countertop’s surface. Larger cracks are meticulously filled with a combination of epoxy and color-matched fillers for a comprehensive repair.

    Our team uses a high level of care and precision throughout this step to ensure your counter is smooth. We’ve done this hundreds of times and know what it takes to get the job done. 

    Step 5: Scratch Removal with Honing

    Scratches are carefully honed out using diamond polishing pads of varying grits. This honing process not only buffs out the scratches but also contributes to the restoration of the smooth surface of the granite, leaving it looking refreshed and free of imperfections.

    Your countertop is almost there!

    Step 6: Finishing Touch with Polishing

    After the restoration and repair process is completed, our team takes extra care in polishing the entire countertop. This final touch enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, ensuring that the repaired areas seamlessly integrate with the rest of the surface.

    This step will restore your countertops old sheen and have it looking as good as new. Capitol Stone Care uses top of the line polish and equipment to ensure a sparkling end product.

    Step 7: Protection and Elegance through Sealing

    To safeguard against future damage, we apply a high-quality granite sealer. This crucial step not only protects the repaired granite but also helps prevent stains and water damage, ensuring a longer lifespan for your countertop.

    Our company not only used a color enhancing sealer, but also an impregnator sealer to ensure your countertop is both aesthetically pleasing and well protected.

    Step 8: Rigorous Quality Check

    We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results. Within each individual step of the process, our company owner and technicians perform a rigorous quality check to ensure that the repairs meet Capitol Stone Care’s high standards. There will also be an additional rigorous quality check at the end of the process before our team determines the job to be completed.

    With Capitol Stone Care, your granite countertops are in expert hands. Experience the transformation as we breathe new life into your surfaces, allowing you to revel in the enduring elegance of your granite for years to come.

    Looking to have your stone surface repaired? Contact us for a free estimate today!

    (301) 512-5777



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    Three Essential Tips: Selecting a Contractor for Stone Floor, Wall or Countertop Repair

    Do you have damage to your stone countertops, floors, or walls? Have you been wondering how to repair damaged limestone, travertine, terrazzo, marble, or granite without fully replacing it altogether? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

    If you have the right idea, you’re probably googling terms and not quite sure what to look for. Stone repair is a niche service that isn’t unionized or standardized, making vetting local companies as well as finding the service you need for the job complex and ambiguous. Before you spend another hour googling ‘Granite repair near me’, ‘Countertop repair near me’ or ‘Terrazzo repair near me’, allow us to give you a few tips and things to watch out for:

    1. Lack of Proper Licensing or Insurance

    When you are receiving a stone repair quote, always ask the company if they are fully licensed and insured. When asking, ensure the company has both workers compensation and general liability insurance. If not, you may be held liable for damage to your floors wall or countertop, home or building, and even medical expenses for injuries incurred by the workers on the day of the job.

    More specifically, be very careful when verifying the level of dollar value insurance coverage your contractor offers for your project as well. In the D.C. area, it isn’t uncommon for homes to be priced north of $1,000,000.00, especially in areas like Northwest D.C., Potomac, Chevy Chase, and Bethesda. Always ensure your contractor has liability insurance for multi-millions of dollars. The odds are that if your contractor were to accidentally damage your property or your neighbors property, they would not have the cash on hand to remediate the damage.

    It is important to ask for a copy of insurance (also known as a COI), as contractors will commonly use sketchy tactics to appear fully insured even in instances when they are not, leaving you out of thousands of your hard earned dollars if something goes wrong.

    Capitol Stone Care is proudly fully licensed and insured. We also offer full value insurance on every stone polish and repair. This means that we will repair damaged property and never penalize you if an employee is injured on the job.

    2. Hidden Fees

    When receiving an estimate, always make sure the price is guaranteed. Stone repair companies and contractors in general have a poor reputation for sneaking in fees when minor inconveniences occur or  just about anything that does not go their way. This is commonly due to poor logistical planning, poor knowledge of their trade, and a lack of care in the estimation process from the company.

    Capitol Stone Care is composed of industry experts and always gives a solid, guaranteed price. We ensure a seamless process from start to finish by giving you direct contact with our founder and owner. From the day you reach out to our team up until the second you pay us, you will deal directly with our founder and owner, David. 

    As long as the requested work on the day of the job is consistent with the scope of work in our estimate, we do the job as guaranteed with zero hidden fees!

    3. Inexperienced Workers and Tradesmen

    Many companies are not properly established in the stone repair industry. It’s no secret that the Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia area (also known as the DMV) is very strong economically. As a result, many inexperienced contractors will enter the industry and try their hand at starting a business. 

    Due to the stone repair industry being very niche and generally unknown, many contractors lack the knowledge to properly complete the job. Whether we’re working with limestone, travertine, terrazzo, marble, granite or any type of stone in your home, you can bet that our team has the expertise to get the job done better than anybody else in the area. 

    Every operator on our team is a highly experienced employee, personally trained and supervised by our company owner David, an industry expert for over 15+ years. We always background check, thoroughly train, and supervise our crew, making for the best service in the D.C. Metropolitan area.

    As a result of our extensive training and supervision, we pride ourselves on a 100% satisfaction rate with over 60+ 5-star Google reviews. 

    Getting ready to repair a stone floor, countertop, or surface? we do it all.

    Our crew offers full service polishing, repair, and refinishing all throughout the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area on any type of stone needed.

    Contact us for a free estimate today!

    Call or Text: (301) 512-5777


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