Do you have damage to your stone countertops, floors, or walls? Have you been wondering how to repair damaged limestone, travertine, terrazzo, marble, or granite without fully replacing it altogether? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

If you have the right idea, you’re probably googling terms and not quite sure what to look for. Stone repair is a niche service that isn’t unionized or standardized, making vetting local companies as well as finding the service you need for the job complex and ambiguous. Before you spend another hour googling ‘Granite repair near me’, ‘Countertop repair near me’ or ‘Terrazzo repair near me’, allow us to give you a few tips and things to watch out for:

1. Lack of Proper Licensing or Insurance

When you are receiving a stone repair quote, always ask the company if they are fully licensed and insured. When asking, ensure the company has both workers compensation and general liability insurance. If not, you may be held liable for damage to your floors wall or countertop, home or building, and even medical expenses for injuries incurred by the workers on the day of the job.

More specifically, be very careful when verifying the level of dollar value insurance coverage your contractor offers for your project as well. In the D.C. area, it isn’t uncommon for homes to be priced north of $1,000,000.00, especially in areas like Northwest D.C., Potomac, Chevy Chase, and Bethesda. Always ensure your contractor has liability insurance for multi-millions of dollars. The odds are that if your contractor were to accidentally damage your property or your neighbors property, they would not have the cash on hand to remediate the damage.

It is important to ask for a copy of insurance (also known as a COI), as contractors will commonly use sketchy tactics to appear fully insured even in instances when they are not, leaving you out of thousands of your hard earned dollars if something goes wrong.

Capitol Stone Care is proudly fully licensed and insured. We also offer full value insurance on every stone polish and repair. This means that we will repair damaged property and never penalize you if an employee is injured on the job.

2. Hidden Fees

When receiving an estimate, always make sure the price is guaranteed. Stone repair companies and contractors in general have a poor reputation for sneaking in fees when minor inconveniences occur or  just about anything that does not go their way. This is commonly due to poor logistical planning, poor knowledge of their trade, and a lack of care in the estimation process from the company.

Capitol Stone Care is composed of industry experts and always gives a solid, guaranteed price. We ensure a seamless process from start to finish by giving you direct contact with our founder and owner. From the day you reach out to our team up until the second you pay us, you will deal directly with our founder and owner, David. 

As long as the requested work on the day of the job is consistent with the scope of work in our estimate, we do the job as guaranteed with zero hidden fees!

3. Inexperienced Workers and Tradesmen

Many companies are not properly established in the stone repair industry. It’s no secret that the Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia area (also known as the DMV) is very strong economically. As a result, many inexperienced contractors will enter the industry and try their hand at starting a business. 

Due to the stone repair industry being very niche and generally unknown, many contractors lack the knowledge to properly complete the job. Whether we’re working with limestone, travertine, terrazzo, marble, granite or any type of stone in your home, you can bet that our team has the expertise to get the job done better than anybody else in the area. 

Every operator on our team is a highly experienced employee, personally trained and supervised by our company owner David, an industry expert for over 15+ years. We always background check, thoroughly train, and supervise our crew, making for the best service in the D.C. Metropolitan area.

As a result of our extensive training and supervision, we pride ourselves on a 100% satisfaction rate with over 60+ 5-star Google reviews. 

Getting ready to repair a stone floor, countertop, or surface? we do it all.

Our crew offers full service polishing, repair, and refinishing all throughout the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area on any type of stone needed.

Contact us for a free estimate today!

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