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    If you’re currently doing your research, it’s likely that you’re unsure whether your stone surface is ready and/or qualifies for a repair at its current state. If you happened to stumble across this article, you’re in luck.In this article, our…

    In our articles, we commonly talk about how stone floors and countertops are restored, but not a lot about how to prevent them from being damaged.

    This article from our team of experts does just that. Check out these three essential tips for preserving your beautiful stone countertops and floors.

    Aged & Damaged Stone Floors: Commonly encountered Flaws

    High levels of foot traffic and constant movement of furniture will take a toll on any stone floor.

    Today’s blog article describes common damages we tend to encounter in high foot traffic stone floors, as well as how we remediate the specific damages.

    Travertine floors are expensive – especially when the travertine floors cover a large number of square footage! Over time, any floor is bound to take damage. Luckily, our team is here to help! Today’s article outlines our team’s professional process for travertine restoration to bring your floor back to life.

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