If you’ve ever seen a beautiful home renovation, especially in luxurious areas like Great Falls, McLean, Potomac, Chevy Chase, or Bethesda, they all tend to have a few things in common. Among these things, the two that standout the most are beautiful stone floors and kitchen countertops. If you’re a busy D.C. area professional that’s worked hard to earn a luxurious living space and commonly has guests over, it’s likely that you care about the appearance of your home – who would blame you for that? 

Like all great and heavily used things, stone countertops and floors in beautiful home renovations and constructions take impact and will quickly show wear and tear. Before we dive into this article, if your formerly beautiful stone floors and countertops are already damaged and that’s why you’re here, go ahead contact our expert Bethesda team today for assistance. Once your stone surface is restored, this article will serve you with a few tips to make our work last.
Whether you’re planning to restore a damaged stone surface or already have, our team of experts has assembled the following maintenance tips to ensure your beautiful stone surfaces stay shining. 

Tip 1: Avoid using common cleaners on the stone.

Whether your stone countertop is granite, marble, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, or any other type of stone, using common household cleaners on your stone surface is never the right move. While the cleaner may remove the mess, it will damage the polish and sealant on the stone, leaving an ugly dull mark on the surface of your floor or counter.
You should instead use a drop of neutral pH dish soap on a microfiber cloth with some water to ensure that your countertop does not lose its sheen. Dish soap is very gentle and safe to use for cleaning countertops.

Tip 2: Avoid direct contact with pans, knives, appliances, and rough objects.

While it may be convenient to cut things on paper plates, put pans on your countertop, and leave your appliances directly on the stone, these practices can quickly lead to damage.
You should avoid this by always using cutting boards that are soft on your counter, placing rubber mats under appliances when possible, and always keeping pans off the surface of your countertop. While these practices may be tedious, they will go a long way in preventing damage to your stone countertop overtime.

Tip 3: Ask guests to remove shoes and prepare when moving furniture items over stone floors.

If you have a shiny stone floor in the entryway of your home, we highly advise having guests remove their shoes when possible.
In addition, moving furniture items through the area place your stone floor at the risk of damage. When possible, use alternative entryways to move furniture throughout the home or ask your preferred moving company of choice to use floor coverings. If you’re moving furniture within our service area of D.C., Montgomery County, or Virginia, we strongly recommend MoCo Moving because they always use floor coverings and are local to North Bethesda, Maryland.

By implementing these safety precautions and practices into the maintenance routine for your home, you can preserve the life of your brand new or freshly restored stone countertops and floors.

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