If you’re currently doing your research, it’s likely that you’re unsure whether your stone surface is ready and/or qualifies for a repair at its current state. If you happened to stumble across this article, you’re in luck.
In this article, our team of Bethesda homeowners and stone restoration experts will give you a few signs to help identify when your stone surface needs to be restored.

Sign 1: Dull Spots and Etched Marks.

Whether you decided to use an unfriendly cleaner, spilled wine on your counter or floor, or even water, dull spots and etched marks will appear easily and stick out on stone surfaces. 
Dull spots tend to stand out easily and make it difficult to compete in the D.C. area, where upscale living and home renovations are the standard. If you have dull spots on your stone surface that stick out like a sore thumb, contact our team today for a consultation.

Sign 2: Severe Cracking on Tables and Counters.

Aside from losing the function of your table or counter, severe cracking can pose serious safety issues. The last thing you would want to do is have a large piece of stone crack and fall on somebody’s foot. 
However, don’t stress about this as it can easily be fixed by a qualified professional. If you see severe cracking on a stone table slab, contact a local stone restoration specialist immediately. 
Our team has our own shop in Maryland and will transport the stone to and from anywhere within the D.C. area, as well as repair it for you. 

Sign 3: Scratches and Scuffs.

If you’re seeing a high volume of scratches and scuffs when the light hits your floor or counter, it may very well be time for a restoration.
Restoring the finish and sheen to your stone surfaces will not only make the surfaces themselves look better, but it will also light up your home and add value to it. In today’s D.C. residential real estate market, value add through remodel and restoration is essential to defeat high interest rates. 
Overall, if you’re a homeowner one or more of the above cases will eventually catch up to you. In turn, you’ll have to restore your stone surfaces to remediate the issue. If you find yourself missing the beauty your stone surfaces once held, contact a stone repair specialist today. 

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