When Capitol Stone Care was contacted to assist with the floor at 2301 Cathedral Ave NW, the floor in the lobby of the apartment building was dull, scratched, and scuffed. Given that it’s an apartment building and the lobby takes a high volume of foot traffic, this was no surprise to our team.

Despite having a special loading dock and route for furniture and items to take in the building, human activity had worn the floor down in this picturesque lobby. In turn, Capitol Stone Care was called in to professionally restore the shine to this floor.

High foot traffic stone floors in lobbies, shopping malls, stores, government buildings, and public areas will experience repeated impact from foot traffic and various items. In turn, this high level of impact results in damage over time.

For this reason, the poor condition of the floor in the lobby at 2301 Cathedral Ave NW wasn’t a unique issue. If your building or business’ stone floor is damaged, you aren’t alone either. It’s very common and will occur in any high foot traffic area over time! In our experience, here are three of the most common flaws seen with aged and damaged stone floors in busy lobbies and how we fix them.

Flaw 1: Dull floors.

Over time, stone floors tend to lose their natural glossy coat. As a result, they won’t really shine or sparkle like they once did. A healthy stone floor should sparkle and shine without any dull patches and cast a beautiful reflection.

At Capitol Stone Care, our team solves this issue by using top quality polish and sealant. After receiving treatment from our team, your floor will sparkle like it did when first installed. 

Flaw 2: Scratches.

Scratches on stone floors are inevitable as time goes on. Whether it be shoes, dog/pet paws, or something being moved through the lobby, floors will always take impact and damage, leaving scuffs and scratches.

Not only do these scratches look poor aesthetically, but they also contribute to a loss of the original sheen in your floor. At Capitol Stone Care, our team is able to fix this issue through our expert honing process, where we smooth the scratches out of your floor using top quality, high grit diamond pads.

Flaw 3: Dents, chips and cracks.

Another common and seemingly more frightening issue is chips and cracks within your stone floor. This will commonly occur on the ends of stairs due to furniture being moved and furniture dollies being used. Unfortunately, chips and cracks in your floor can be a serious eye sore. Luckily, Capitol Stone Care offers an additional epoxy repair service to fill and correct any chips and cracks in your floor. 

All in all, these are some commonly encountered flaws in aged and damaged stone floors. Although commonly encountered, each flaw has a specific solution and can be remediated by a qualified professional. 

Do you have an aged or damaged stone floor in a high foot traffic area?

Don’t worry, it can still be restored! Whether your floor is travertine, marble, terrazzo, or another type of stone, our expert team is more than glad to help.

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