Overtime, any beautiful countertop will take heavy wear and see a decline in beauty and condition. Whether you’re cooking on your countertop, eating on it, or just using it to store an old stack of paper or some supplies, you’re going to end up with scratches, cup rings, stains, and a loss of the sheen your counter had when originally installed. On occasion, you may even have an appliance scratch or scuff your countertop directly and cause damage that can be frustrating to deal with. 

Regardless of your situation, our team is glad to help restore your countertop and save you from spending money on disposal costs, buying a new countertop, and installation costs, which can add up to thousands of dollars combined. Today we will break down our high quality process to ensure your countertop looks as good as new when our team of experts is done. Here are the 4 precise steps our team follows to restore a marble countertop:

  1. Preparation

Our team values protecting your home throughout the renovation process above all else. The preparation process includes protecting all floors, rooms, walls, and furniture around the working area with plastic secured by painters tape. 

We will work to comprehensively cover the area and never rush this step in the process, as it will be essential to preventing any damage from occurring.

  1. Honing

Once the work area is fully protected, our team will begin honing the counter with our state of the art handheld machines to ensure a smooth, even finish. Once we have completed the Honing process for the general surface, we use a special pad and attachment to hone all of the tighter, smaller areas that our larger tool may have missed. 

This attention to detail on behalf of our crew is what sets Capitol Stone Care apart. Even where it may be easy to cut corners, our team refuses to do so and promises to deliver beauty back to every corner of your counter. 

This step of the process will remove any etch marks, scratches, and stains, setting the surface up for polishing.

  1. Polishing

The marble is then polished using our signature process, which involves honing and polishing your countertop. At the end of our polishing process, your marble countertop is going to have its fresh original sheen again. 

Once the countertop has been polished, it’s ready for a fresh seal to close out the process and preserve its newly restored beauty. 

  1. Sealing

The final step of the process is adding our signature seal to your countertop. This seal will add an extra layer of protection and preserve the fresh sheen on your marble countertop, keeping it smooth as long as possible.

When working with damaged marble, this process never fails our team in restoring the classic feel to old countertops.

Are you getting ready to repair a damaged or used countertop? Whether your countertop is travertine, limestone, marble, granite, terrazzo, or another type of stone, we have the experience to fix it all. Save yourself the money and avoid replacing your favorite counter by investing in a high quality restoration!

Our crew offers full service polishing, repair, and refinishing all throughout the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area on any type of stone surface needed. 

We proudly service homeowners, businesses, and government entities with a 100% satisfaction rate on google.

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