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  • Kitchen Countertop Polishing

    Marble Kitchen Countertop and Island Restoration

    Marble countertop had many etched marks and some scratches on the surface. Our technician grinded down the stone using fine diamonds in order to remove the etched marks and scratches, then polished with higher grit diamond pads, and finally applied high quality sealer throughout the countertops.

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    Granite Chip Repair

    Granite countertop chip repair

    Granite countertop edge on top of the sink was chipped, our stone specialist using epoxy and color pigments filled up the chipped area and blended colors with the original granite pattern, after he ground,  polished and sealed the countertop to bring it to its original appearance.

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    Broken Stone Repair

    Broken Marble Table Top Restoration

    Marble table top was broken in half, had lots of stains and etched marks, our stone experts using epoxy, glues and color pigments glued two pieces together, honed the stone with different grit diamond pads, polished and sealed the surface.


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    Natural Stone Floor Restoration

    Natural Stone Floor Restoration

    Our stone specialists use latest technology floor machines, diamond pads and cleaners to achieve the best results when it come to your natural stone floor cleaning, polishing and sealing. If your marble or travertine floor has stains, scratches and even small holes , we can repair and restore the stone to its original appearance. 


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    Countertop broken corners

    Granite and Marble Countertop broken corners

    It happens very often that your granite or marble table top corner brakes, if you have the broken part saved, we can restore it, polish and make sure it looks as close as possible to original stage.


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